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“I am strengthened to fight more in the corner of the most vulnerable” – James Kofi Annan

In April 2019, a scheme was hatched, to get a criminal tag on my person. Let me say, that, this is not the first time I have faced a smear campaign, or death threats. I face them all the time.
But this time round, it was a traditional chief who approached me, to offer me financial support. I rejected the offer, because he came suddenly, and I did not know him. He persisted, and he once deposited a physical cash of GHC10,000 with my assistant (while I was out of the country). I never touched this money.

I continued to reject this man’s offer, until in January 29, 2020 (after 9 clear months), when some of my managers thought the persistence of this benevolent man makes him look genuine to the cause, so I should accept the offer.
I therefore gave him my bank account number, after visiting his house and his palace, to make sure that I had established some identity (KYC) of him. After I accepted the offer, this man promised to donate an initial amount of GHC100,000, in two instalment payments. He, indeed, honored his promise, and paid the monies accordingly through cheques, and he specified what the monies should be used for.

A week after the money was cashed, I received a call from the Police, that a man had lodged a complain against me, that I had stolen GHC100,000 from his bank account. I was arrested, and charged with stealing, abetment of crime, and dishonest receiving.
A dirty and a smear media campaign was subsequently waged against me. The dirty campaigners used the Despite Media, Multimedia, Citi, and a host of online news portals to smear me.
After several court appearances, the Consolidated Bank of Ghana (CBG), the bankers of the complainant, came to court, to provide evidence, that the complainant was the key architect of the whole transaction. He was, in fact, the one who initiated the whole transaction. To the extent that he told the bank officials that I was his business partner, and that more of such cheque payments will come, so the bank must honor the cheques in my name.
The court has ruled in favor of my innocence, and I thank God for the exoneration.
I also wish to thank all those who believed my story, and kept faith with me, I thank all of you.

To those media houses, and individuals who published various dirty headlines and contents against me, to support the smear campaigners, I have forgiven you.
But you will have to apologize to me, and retract those publications. I have copied, downloaded, screenshot, and kept as many as over one hundred publications, and social media posts on this subject.
I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity of notice, to retract, and apologize to my person.
This is a notice served.

Now to the good people of Ghana, my advise is that there is too much evil out there, so please stay safe.
There is one thing I have learnt in this social justice journey that I have been traveling on; if you seek justice, you have enemies. It is easy for evil to be wrapped as good for you. I am lucky that the scheme was poorly executed. I would have gone to jail. I now know, without any doubt, that there are more innocent people in jail than we know of. I am therefore rededicating the rest of my life to continue to fight injustice, whatever the form in which it may come.
I will like to assure you, that, nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop me from seeking justice for those who are affected by injustice. This case has strengthened me the more, and it has made me realize, the more, that there is the urgent need to do more, to step up my game, in fighting in the corner of the most vulnerable. And I want to promise you, once more, that, nothing, not even the threats of death, or imprisonment, or smear campaign, will affect my resolve to double my effort at this justice I seek in my world.

I leave you with this quote:
“Nothing in life is more liberating than to fight for a cause larger than yourself, something that encompasses you but is not defined by your existence alone”, John McCain.
Stay tuned.

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