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Achimota School records the COVID-19 Delta strain

Achimota School records highly-transmissible COVID-19 Delta strain

In a press briefing yesterday July 3rd, 2021, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) confirmed the highly contagious Coronavirus – Delta, in the Greater Accra Region precisely, the Achimota School.

This followed an early report by the health management body that a Senior High School had recorded the Indian strain.

Three students of the school showed symptoms of influenza at the school’s sickbay between June 14 and 16, 2021.

They were then tested in line with the laid down protocols, and all three results turned out to be positive. They were then isolated, and all contacts were placed under mandatory quarantine on campus.

Subsequently, other symptomatic students and contacts were identified, listed, and also tested for COVID-19.

Speaking at the Minister’s briefing on Sunday, July 4, the Ghana Health Service Director, Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye, revealed that some students in the Achimota School tested positive for the Delta Variant.

“We had a significant number of the initial testing we did at Achimota School as Delta variant. So once we have that, we assume that because it is the source that was spread around, the majority of the variant there will be the Delta variant. That is why we are doing the strategic testing of day students so that it doesn’t spill into the community”, he said.

So far, 843 students in the school had been sampled by the health authorities as of July 3, 2021.

Out of this number, 348 are boarders while the remaining 459 are day students.  36 teaching and non-teaching staff have also been tested.

Results of only 550 samples are currently available, according to data from the Ghana Health Service.

135 of these samples came out as positive.

Results of 293 samples are pending because they are samples of day students collected on July 3.

He later added that 351 schools have recorded Covid-19 cases since school reopened across the country.

2,217 students have so far tested positive of which 48 cases are currently active with the rest recovered.

Volta Region has recorded most cases while the North East Region has recorded no case in their schools.

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