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8 signs to know if he is a player

Do you want to settle down BUT you’re not sure how to distinguish a player from a serious dater? Let me share with you my two cents – 8 hints that he is a playboy, not a husband material… 

One, he is exceptionally good in bed. He is out to prove that you have never met his match. He has mastered the art of sex by sleeping around with countless women. Make no mistake, I do not advocate for premarital sex. But I’m a realist. I know most single ladies sleep with men after a few dates. 

Two, the player keeps denying that he is not a player even without anyone accusing him. His conscience accuses him, and hence, he has to keep defending that he is not a player. A player keeps saying he does not want to misuse you. Then he does exactly the opposite like his father the devil. 

Three, he sends mixed signals. Before you take him to bed, he implies how the two of you are going to settle down for life. But after bed, he argues that timing is everything. He reminds you how much he wants to settle down was it not for XYZ. He has a perfect excuse why you can’t settle down yet. 

Four, he ghosts you from time to time. He can reach you on phone but you can’t reach him on phone. Somehow, he was seeing the boss or closing a business deal. To fool you, once in a blue moon, he’ll reply to your call/text. Conventionally, he has to initiate communication.  

Five, he cannot take you to his parents. He will visit your home. He will even introduce you to other playboys but never to those he respects the most. He doesn’t outrightly refuse to introduce you to his parents. He is so cunning that stuff comes up just before you visit his parents. 

Six, from time to time, he makes you believe you are kiddish and overly emotional. Simply because of his interest in sex, he makes you feel guilty whenever you raise important agenda like settling down. He shows you how insensitive you are whenever you revisit his love history. 

Seven, he has a ready answer for every question you ask him. It comes from years of vast experience. He knows exactly what a woman wants to hear. He’s made all the big mistakes and has plenty of experience with smoothing things over. He doesn’t waste time dating if there’s no sex. 

Eight, he brags about his titles and possessions on your first date. The player is a perfect intimidator. Like the ancient serpent, he appeals to your curiosity and desire for power and quick riches. 

Are you dating a player? 


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