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Nana Poku Ashis advocates for the Artist of the Year award to be determined by the general public.

Esteemed artiste manager and entertainment commentator Nana Poku Ashis has urged the organizers of the Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMAs) to revise the voting process for the Artiste of the Year category.

Nana Poku Ashis highlighted that the academy and board members lack a comprehensive understanding of the influence and significance of artists, which disqualifies them from making the most informed decisions for the award, in an interview with Graphic Showbiz.

As per his suggestion, the prestigious award should solely rely on public voting for its determination.

He emphasized that the general public is more acquainted with the impact of the music released by the artists, rendering them the most qualified to select the winner.

“Similarly, for the Song of the Year category, it’s evident that the public is the one who truly knows which song was the biggest hit in the year under review,” he asserted.

“But when technicalities are added to the equation, it deviates from who should rightfully win. If they claim it’s a populist award, then the overall artiste and the most popular song of the year should be left to public vote,” he emphasized.

Ashis also advocated for a periodic rotation of board and academy members to introduce fresh perspectives and ideas.

“I believe they should regularly change individuals on the board. Some have held their positions for too long, repeating the same perspectives. It’s not refreshing. It’s high time they incorporate new faces with innovative ideas,” he suggested.

“The younger generation operates differently. Some of our older individuals may not grasp the current trends and music styles embraced by today’s youth. Therefore, if you maintain the same individuals on the board for an extended period, you risk hindering the progress of emerging artists and the innovative productions they introduce,” he explained.

Story by Sandra Arthur

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