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I have not smoked weed for the past five months – Shatta Wale.

Shatta Wale reveal that, he has abstained from smoking weed for the past five months.

He said this during a meet-up in his hostel room in Novrongo, he shared his personal milestone while advising the up and coming artists to concentrate on their music career and avoid the intake of drugs.

He therefore urged the up and coming artists to focus on their music career and do away with unnecessary things like the intake of drugs. He emphasized on the importance of dedicating oneself rather than indulging in substance abuse .

” Though I smoke but I know people will not believe me if I say I have not smoked weed for the past five months. He revealed that, Cigarette is what I smoke now instead of the weed acknowledging that this claims might be doubtful.

The duties that musicians have to both themselves and their fans are emphasized in Shatta Wale’s speech. Artists may preserve their creativity and continue to inspire their audiences without jeopardizing their future by putting their health first and making informed decisions.

Unexpectedly, social media personality Shatta Wale, who is well-known for his outspoken remarks, has been noticeably quiet for a few weeks. Fans have been asking why the award-winning Ghanaian dancehall musician has been silent on matters that are important to him. Normally, he speaks out about these concerns.

Shatta Wale has reportedly been working hard on his eagerly awaited album, according to recent sources. The album, called S.A.F.A. (Shatta And Fans Album), appears to be finished, according to new information.

As soon as Shatta Wale completes the arrangements, fans can anticipate its release.

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