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I’ve Never Experienced Being in Love Before,” Tems Reveals.

Temilade Openiyi, a Nigerian singer, better known as Tems, has revealed that she has never experienced being in love.
The 28-year-old songstress disclosed this in a recent interview with Flow with Korty, stating that she doesn’t believe love is something one experiences mindlessly, but rather deliberately and with open eyes.
Acknowledging that she hasn’t developed feelings for anyone, Tems mentioned that she believes someone could easily mistake infatuation for love.

She expressed, “I haven’t experienced being in love. Loving someone, to me, means ‘I see you and I still want you in my life. Even though you annoy me sometimes, I choose you, and I choose you.'”
“I would like to experience deep, genuine love, not blind infatuation. I don’t believe love is blind; I think if you truly love someone, you’re loving them with your eyes open,” Tems expressed.

“I feel like people get infatuated, and they call that falling in love. If you’re blind, that is not love. Love is when you’ve seen the person, their flaws are exposed, and you’re like ‘I still want it. I still want that.’ I want someone to see my imperfections and be like, ‘Yeah, give me some of that,” Tems expressed.

Story by Sandra Arthur

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