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Two transport unions to increase fares effective April 13.

The Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana and the Transport Operators of Ghana have jointly announced an increase in transport fares, effective Saturday, April 13, 2024, in response to the recent surge in petroleum prices.

In a statement issued on Monday, April 8, 2024, they outlined the following adjustments: a 15% increase for short-distance or intracity transport, a 20% increase for intercity or long-journey transport, a 15% hike for taxi services, and an increment from GHC 10.00 to GHC 15.00 fare for short distance taxi hire services.

The decision was motivated by the noticeable lack of government intervention in reducing the price of petrol, vehicle spare parts, and lubricants, despite ongoing economic challenges.

“Twenty (20) percent for intercity or long journey transport, 15 percent for taxi transport and an increment from GHC 10.00 to GHC 15.00 fare for short distance taxi hire services.”

“Just as it may have been noted by most Ghanaians the government appears to be indifferent regarding any reduction in the price of petrol as well as those of vehicle spare parts and lubricants. Also, the prevailing economic difficulties and other factors are worsening the living conditions of transport owners and drivers,” they stated.

They, therefore, urged Ghanaians to take note of the increment and cooperate with transport operators.

In an interview with Nyce News, Asonaba Nana Wiredu- Deputy Secretary for the Concerned Drivers Association of Ghana said the increment is necessary.

Voice of Asonaba Nana Wiredu

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