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Exempt medication for dialysis treatment from taxes, duties – Mahama to gov’t.

Former President John Dramani Mahama has called on government to swiftly eliminate import charges and taxes imposed on medication and equipment essential for dialysis treatment in the country.

This follows the recent notice by the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital announcing a surge in the cost of dialysis treatment, for Renal Dialysis Unit patients.

Speaking at an event commemorating the 2023 United Nations International Day for the Aged, Mr. Mahama noted that it would be “insensitive” for the cost of dialysis to be increased amidst the current economic crisis bedeviling the country.

“The decision by the government to burden patients with exorbitant costs of treatment in the wake of the recent economic crisis is insensitive and unsustainable. “

According to Mr Mahama, if given the nod by Ghanaians to become President after the 2024 elections, his government will ensure that patients of such ailments are not saddled financially.

“Given the opportunity, we shall bring relief to thousands of our citizens suffering from these ailments.”

Making reference to the notice by the Kore Bu Teaching hospital, Mr Mahama stated: “Just this week, there was an uproar when the nation’s premier teaching hospital, Korle Bu, announced an increase in charges for dialysis treatment by one hundred percent, which is threatening to put the cost of dialysis treatment out of the reach of many patients and their families.”

He also cited the explanation provided by Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, which attributed the price hike to increased taxes and duties on materials essential for dialysis treatment, and called on government to exempt medication and kits for dialysis treatment from taxes and duties, emphasising the critical importance of maintaining this lifeline for patients whose survival depends on these treatments.

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