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TOR: $2.5m worth of crude condensate gone missing – Energy Minister

Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Energy Minister, has reported that petroleum condensate worth $2.5 million has gone missing from the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

Dr. Prempeh stated that the deal he secured for TOR in the premix sector has left the funds unaccounted for. 

“I gave TOR a new business opportunity in the premix fuel market that all the condensate from Ghana Gas should be used for making premix fuel. The last time I heard, Over 2.5 million dollars worth of condensate had gone missing from TOR,” he said.

Following a workers’ petition, he assured the public that the government is doing everything possible to reopen the refinery. However, workers are pushing for the Managing Director, Jerry K. Hinson, to be fired due to allegations leveled against him.

The General Transport Petroleum Chemical Workers Union (GTPCWU) has announced plans to picket at Jubilee House, the Ministry of Energy, and other key places.

In response, Mr. Hinson cautioned workers in a letter that any illegal strike or picketing would be dealt with in accordance with the law, citing sections 168-171 of the Labour Act.

“Kindly be aware of the illegality of any such actions under clauses 168- 1 71 of the Labour Act and the consequences thereunder for participants/staff involved. Please be aware of section 171 in particular which emphasises the term “picketing” which is only lawful in furtherance of a lawful strike/industrial action,” he said.

“Kindly be advised finally that participation of staff in any illegal action or picketing or indeed any act that purports to disrupt the activities of the Company or possibly undermine the authority of the Shareholder will be subjected to the prescribed ramifications under the relevant laws.”

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